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Looking for your perfect personal notebook?
A unique piece of handcraft, a lifelong companion for every kind of adventure, the keeper of your most precious memories and visions?
Allow us to introduce you to YOUR ULTIMATE NOTIZBUCH!


We truly believe that writing down your ideas, appointments, thoughts and dreams, sketching your surroundings, past and future, will forever remain one of the most sensual and vivid things in life to do. And to do it in the very best notebooks possible gives that whole procedure instantly another dimension.So we count ourselves lucky to have met and partnered with Jérôme Bacquias from Paper Republic.

Jérôme created Paper Pepublic six years ago, not knowing exactly what he was doing other than quitting his job and becoming a father. Whilst everyone was creating apps, he was betting on paper. Paper Republic is the result of this attempt: "paper" because writing and reading are at the core of our culture, "republic" because  res publica  is in its first meaning, in latin, the common good, that very thing which brings us together and that we share. Paper Republic hand-crafts high quality notebooks from some of the finest paper and leather.

Together with him we created THE ULTIMATE NOTIZBUCH system, consisting of 2 main parts, carefully crafted by hand using highest quality materials only:

Basic Kit

YOUR BASIC KIT contains everything you need to start falling in love with the most individual and most personal notebook you ever had in your trembling hands:

Premium Leather Cover

Premium Leather Cover

Carefully created together with our friend Jerome, the founder and mastermind of paper republic. Simply the ultimate dream-come-true notebook covers made from 91 grams of the world's best smelling leather from Italy, naturally tanned. Perfect dimensions, perfect touch and feel. Becoming more and more beautiful every single day you use them. Made for eternity and one day.

Rubber Band

MultiColor Rubber Band Collection

Jerome searched for the perfect and most durable Rubber Bands all over the world and finally discovered these Bands in Japan. Each BASIC KIT contains a selection of 4 different colors, each in 2 different lengths (a long one to hold the BOOKLETS, a short one to close your notebook).


Handsewn Kraft Booklet

We include one of our carefully handmade KRAFT BOOKLETS in the BASIC KIT, so you can start using your new best daily companion right away.


In order to develop as much multi purpose flexibility as possible we started to create a whole universe consisting of an ever expanding variety of different ULTIMATE BOOKLETS.

All of them are carefully created by hand, sewn one by one with different colored twines. Made out of premium quality papers, perfectly suited to be inserted into your ULTIMATE NOTIZBUCH cover (up to 6 BOOKLETS fit perfectly into one cover).

Each BOOKLET is only produced in small quantities one by one and is a unique piece, optimized to archive your thoughts, your pictures, your drawings, your ideas and your memories from exactly now on.

Currently we offer 3 "families" of YOUR ULTIMATE BOOKLETS


Starting with 3 different styles, these BOOKLETS are made for your basic needs to write, draw, sketch, scribble or archive your Polaroids. All of them containing old vintage book end paper or spider paper we discovered at an old bookbinder called Mr. Hollizer.

Booklet White

40 Pages
premium paper
vintage book end paper

Booklet Kraft

40 Pages
vintage book end paper

Booklet Photo

4 Pages holding your 4 favorite Polaroids
protected by vintage spider paper


A very special weekly planner for 2016, truly analog and created with all our love and passion. Based on vintage book end paper and designed with a smart grid, it provides as much flexibility as possible. Decorated with hand drawings by our own Wild Evel that you will discover by travelling through the new year.

Booklet Diary 2018

The ULTIMATE DIARY comes in 4 connected BOOKLETS, each containing 3 months.


Developed and produced by our friend Marc, the famous REISESCHNEIDER who is more than well known for an almost never ending list of very special and utmost secret tips in Vienna. Discover this city like never before, leave the big tourist highways and dive into the "real" Vienna. Even if you live in this city for many years, the REISESCHNEIDER will present you highlights you have never heard or dreamed of before.

Currently we can offer 3 issues:

Booklet Reiseschneider - Vienna Essentials
Reiseschneider - Vienna Essentials

All the most important basics travelers have to know about Vienna
16 pages

Booklet Reiseschneider - Vienna Vol. 1
Reiseschneider - Vienna Vol. 1

What the Grätzl (=neighborhood) Praterstrasse (2nd district and also home of the SUPERSENSE palace) is all about
38 pages

Booklet Reiseschneider - Vienna Vol. 2
Reiseschneider - Vienna Vol. 2

What the Grätzl (=neighborhood) Rossau (9th district) is all about
36 pages


YOUR ULTIMATE NOTIZBUCH System was developed so you can super easy assemble it and - maybe even more important - change it within seconds on a daily basis. Therefore you always can adjust the content / purpose of your notebook according to the mission you are on.

In order to start your new NOTIZBUCH adventures, please choose your favorite rubber band color from your rubber band collection. Maybe the most difficult part of the whole process as you are just 3 easy steps away from your finished notebook once you decided on the right rubber band color (of course you can easily change the color whenever you want).


Run the short rubber band through the middle hole of the leather cover.


Thread the long rubber band through the 4 other wholes of the leather cover like shown on the image and knot the ends.


Now insert your BOOKLETS so each of the long rubber bands holds one BOOKLET. If you want to insert more BOOKLETS you can easily do this by using classic rubber bands and attach them to the BOOKLETS already inserted (see last image of the slider below).